Country Dancing is more fun with a partner

Thursday 6/3 Dance lesson was: Traveling Tootsie
Song: Where am IGonna' Live- by Billy Ray Cyrus

Thursday 6/10 Lesson was: Desperado Wrap
Song: I'm Pretty Good at Drinking Beer
by Billy

Thursday 6/17 Dance lesson was: Traveling Tootsie
Song: Where am I Gonna' Live- by Billy Ray Cyrus

Thurs. 6/24 Dance: Charleston Bump
Song: If Bubba Can Dance

Thurs. 6/29 Dance: Sugar Bear
Link to Steel Magnolia utube video

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doobie Brothers Concert

What amazing harmonies from these musicians. The Eagles got nothing on these guys. From the first song through the whole night the music and singing was truly beautiful. Three part harmony has rarely sounded so good. Sure hope they come back next year. The pictures this week were taken by a friend. I couldn't get close enough to take any myself. The news had the crowd estimated at 30,000. I believe it.
    Got there about 7:00 and didn't want to squeeze thru the crowd. Found a nice shady spot near to the railing on the hill. Couldn't see the stage but the sound was perfect. I've been to too many shows with big price tickets only to be extremely disappointed in an inferior sound system.
  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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